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Thoothukudi also called as Tuticorin is one of the most visited tourist places in Tamil Nadu. This city has been a house to most of the beach lovers, vacationers, tourist and weekend seekers. Tuticorin is pictured as the ideal location to explore the culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu. However, this city has also been a well-known family destination as this charming city has abounded with many natural attraction and beaches. The city is sprinkled with churches and temples which bring many religious lovers to this place. To explore this beautiful city relying on public transport is one of the bad ideas, therefore, we at Onroadz offer self drive car rental in Thoothukudi with our car rental you explore all part of the Thoothukudi at very affordable price.

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Now Explore the World with Our Self Drive Car Rental Service in Thoothukudi

There is nothing more fun and relaxation to go out with your loved ones. Weekends and road trips are perfect ways to escape from work stress. You can book our top class car rentals in Thoothukudi when you plan to spend a weekend, or on holiday or just shopping in Onroadz. We strive to provide our customer with a safety and comfort car rental service at a very affordable price you could ever imagine.

We helped various tourist, travelers, and townsfolk to explore various part of the city. We have a broad range of fleet brands that allow you to choose your car whether it is a shorter trip sedan or a hard SUV for a mountain journey that we have for you.

Self Driving Cars

Advantages of our rental self-drive cars in Thoothukudi

Easy Bookings

You don’t have to wait all day to book a car for rental. Now booking a car becomes much simpler with Onroadz we include minimalistic procedures verification and payment procedures to book a car. Our rental self drive cars in Thoothukudi also offers zero cancellation charges.

Unlimited Kilometer

If you have already rented a car theb you should be well aware of the term kilometer limit. Yes, of course, you do most of the car rentals in Thoothukudi charges their customers extra when they crossed certain kilometer. These kilometers constrain spoil the whole fin of the trip and drain your money as well. As the leading car rental service in Thoothukudi, we understand this offers you an unlimited kilometer coupled with an affordable price tag. By renting our cars you can drive as much you can with thinking about the kilometer.

Flexible Plans

Not every trip goes as planned someone might like to extend their trip some like to like to change the plan. You don’t have to worry about the change of plans we got you. We at Onroadz offer various plans that are flexible and can be catered according to customer needs.

Privacy & Freedom

Usually, all rental car services in Thoothukudi are not friendly to many individuals who like to have a good time with their family and friends and really concern about others watching. Keeping this in mind Onroadz provide self drive car in Thoothukudi Our rental services provide privacy and comfort to your convenience like your own car.


Booking a taxi or relying on travel or public transport is sure the bad ideas to start a trip. Thus most of the buses and taxi are expensive they are constrained to a certain location. In order to explore the inner beauty of the city, Onroadz Self Drive Car Rental Service in Thoothukudi is the ideal option you can rely on. With our self drive car rental, you can have the comfort of driving your own car you can reach and explore a new location and remote places where public transport is unable to reach.

No Kilometers barrier

Kilometer restriction always turns out to be frustrating. Most of us plan the budget week out but due to this kilometer constrain you might end up in emptying your wallet. There we at Onroadz provide unlimited kilometer car hire in Kanyakumari you can drive as much you could without bothering about the kilometer.

Why choose us to form other self drive car rental in Thoothukudi

Onroadz is one of the preferred Self drive car rentals in Thoothukudi thanks to our high standard service and affordable price. We strive to make our customer journey an unforgettable memory through our car rentals in Thoothukudi. Moreover our car rental plans are flexible and can be customized as per your need whether you need our car for day or month we are always ready to help you. We are housed with some brand new car collection you can pick the car as per you like and need in addition our rental services in Thoothukudi offer unlimited kilometer which means no worrying about the kilometer. Book you car we will deliver you at your preferred location.

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24/7 customer support

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No hidden cost

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Multiple picks and drop services

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Our Self Drive Car Rental Service in Thoothukudi

Onroadz is one of the premium rental car services in Thoothukudi. We offer various types of car rental services in Thoothukudi and they are

Corporate car rentals in Thoothukudi

Being one of the prominent car rentals in Thoothukudi, we at Onroad offer corporate car rental services. We give the best car rentals at an affordable price whether you’re a large, small or medium-size organization. Our huge selection of automobiles allows our customers to choose the car they want. All of our cars come with GPS and state-of-the-art technologies, which is why we guarantee a secure and relaxing ride. Our car rental service in Thoothukudi offers you the best ride, whether long-term or short-term. We make sure that your employee gets comfortably, securely and without hassle to your office or home.

Personal car rentals in Thoothukudi

Planning for a weekend out, family trip, or just shopping? We at Onroadz offer personal self drive car in Thoothukudi. Not everyone likes to have adventures ride some like to have a relaxing and peaceful ride there we understand the everyone has different taste, therefore, our self drive car rental in Thoothukudi various of car collection from economical class car to premium car at an affordable price. Our plans are fully customizable and can be catered to your requirement.

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