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Namakkal is emerged to be the popular tourist place in Tamil Nadu. It is called transport town of Tamil Nadu because of its large manufacturing of automobile parts. Apart from the industrial progress Namakkal is enrich with divinity clubbed with nature’s bounty. Historical place and various temples are scattered across the every part of the city. These Magnificent art and architecture stands as the live proof the glorious past of ancient rulers. With its diverse cultural and natural attraction Namakkal has become an ideal location for most of the tourist, architectures and nature lover. Owing to its bustling street relying on public transport to explore this charming city is not a good idea. Therefore we at Onroadz offer car rental service in Namakkal. With our rental cars you can explore every part of this cultural rich city without worrying about the draining your pocket because our entire rental car services in Namakkal are reasonably priced.

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Now Explore the World with Our Self Drive Car Rental Service in Namakkal

There is nothing more fun and relaxing then going out with your loved ones. Weekend getaways and road trip are ideal way to escape from this reality. If you are planning for a weekend getaway or vacation or just a shopping Onroadz provide you a top class car rentals in Namakkal. We strive to provide our customer a safety and comfort car rental service at very affordable price you could ever imagine. We helped various tourist, travelers and townsfolk to explore various part of the city. We are comprised with wide array of fleet brand you can choose the car of your choice whether it’s you need a sedan for short trip or tough SUV for hill trip we got you.

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Advantages of our rental self-drive cars in Namakkal

Easy Bookings

If you already have been through the rental car booking procedure you probably know the time conception behind booking a car. Individual have to go through to lot of verification procedure to get the car they want for rental. With Onroadz car rentals in Namakkal you have minimalistic procedure to book a car. Just a few clicks you can have your car at your doorstep.

Privacy and Freedom

Most of us don’t like to have fun with your family and friends while others watching. This happens when you planned a trip with buses, taxi or public transport. Trip is meant for fun so choosing a self drive car rental in Namakkal is the one of the really perfect option for planned trips. Choosing Onroadz car rental service in Namakkal you can have leverage to have full privacy and freedom of having your own car

Flexible Plans

Not every trip goes as planned someone might like to extend their trip some like to like to change the plan. You don’t have to worry about the change of plans we got you. We at Onroadz offer various plans that are flexible and can be catered according to customer needs.

Customer Support

None of us are prepared to spend time on long-term reservations nowadays. This also applies to rent cars. At Onroadz, we give easy to book and cancel self drive car in Namakkal. You don’t have to take the whole step just to reserve a car. We make it clean and simple for you.


We at Onroadz offer exceptional customer support for our valued customer. We care for our customer; therefore, we provide 24×7 customer support. Our excellent customer support team has many years of experience in handling and resolving customer queries. Onroadz also provides multi-language support to the customer whether Tamil, English, Hindi anything it may we can give you support in a professional way.

No Kilometers barrier

Kilometer constrain is one of the worst nightmare for most of the customer who like to rent a car for next trip. Most of us out there like to plan for a budget week getaway. Due to kilometer constrain it might exceed you planned budget.  We understand that and provide you an unlimited kilometer Self Drive Car Rental Service in Namakkal. You don’t have to count the kilometer every time just enjoy your ride.

Why choose us to form other self drive car rental in Namakkal

Cheapest Price

Doorstep delivery

Road Experts

24/7 customer support

Wide range of cars

No hidden cost

Experienced and Friendly Drivers

Multiple picks and drop services

Easy booking and cancellation

Clear invoice

Our Self Drive Car Rental Service in Namakkal

Onroadz is one of the premium rental car services in Namakkal. We offer various types of car rental services in Namakkal and they are

Corporate car rentals in Namakkal

If you are looking for corporate car rental services in Namakkal, we at Onroadz offer Corporate Car Rental to all size of organization no matter it is big, small or medium. We got wide range of cars and brands which are equipped with various latest gadgets and safety equipments. We guarantee you have a comfortable and safety ride from home or office. Our experienced fleet drivers are experienced and are blessed with exceptional knowledge in roads we can pick your employee anywhere.

Personal car rentals in Namakkal

Each journey with friends and family, are combined with fun and joy, now unlock your joy and make everlasting memory with our car rental in Namakkal. We know everybody’s has their own taste and needs, so onroadz provides both Chauffeur driver car rental and self drive car in Namakkal as you want. You can choose from our large spectrum of car and at any time we can supply you everywhere.

Our Car Rental Service in Namakkal

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